W6BAM in Santa Ana, California.

Late 1920's

Photo of Receiver (dated 1926-1928) - Notice the bank of batteries under the table.

These photos are from 1929. The description is a Colpitts circuit using a "211" tube running 50 watts. Shelly was still using the same Vibroplex bug when I first met him in the 1960s

These are a few photos that were given to me by W6BAM about 10 years ago. They are probably from the late 1920's or early 1930's

W6AIN - QTH Unknown

W6BLZ - Ed Marriner (now W6XM in La Jolla, California)

9AIN - Date Unknown

W9EHY - 1928


Check out those finals!

"Mr. 160 Meters" - Stu Perry, W1BB

Station Photo from 1947

Here's one more interesting piece from the 1930s

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